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Publications related to the TTBBC project.

Dr. Hildegard's Diemberger publications related to the TTBBC project.


2013    Buddha’s Word – The Life of Books in Tibet and beyond, catalogue of the exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (jointly authored and edited with Mark Elliot and Michela Clemente)

2016 (in press) (co-editorship with Peter Kornicki and Franz-Karl Erhard) Printing as an Agent of Change in Tibet and beyond. Leiden:Brill

2012                (co-editorship with S. Hugh-Jones) Terrain, revue d'ethnologie europenne , vol.59, (special issue “L’ objet livre”)

2012                (co-editorship) Inner Asia, vol. 14, Special Issue on the Younghusband Mission to Tibet.


2016 (in press) “Tibetan women as patrons of printing and innovation,” in Printing as an Agent of Change in Tibet and beyond. Leiden:Brill.

2015                "Sacred Books in a Digital Age: a cross-cultural look from the heart of Asia to South America" (co-authorship with S. Hugh-Jones) in: J. Leach and L.Wilson (eds) Subversion, Conversion, Development: Public Interests in ICT. MIT.

2014                “Women as Patrons and Innovators:from Cambridge to Tibet and back“ in The Martlet –Magazine of Pembroke Alumni.

2014                “Patronage and Printing Innovation in Fifteenth-Century Tibet” In Patronage as Politics in South Asia. Ed. Anastasia Piliawsky, Cambridge/New Delhi:Cambridge University Press. 

2014                “Tibetan Buddhist Books in a Digital Age T. Jansen, T. Klein,C Meyer (eds) Globalization and the Making of Religious Modernity in China. Leiden:Brill.

2012                "Quand le livre devient relique – Les textes tibetains entre culture bouddhique et transformations tecnologiques", Terrain, revue d'ethnologie europenne (special issue on the book as artifact), vol.59, 18-39.

2012.               "Holy Books as ritual objects and vessels of teaching in the era of the 'further spread of the doctrine (bstan pa yang dar)'" in Buffetrille, K(ed.) The Trasformation of Rituals in Contemporary Tibet. Leiden:Brill.

2012                “The Younghusband- Waddell collection and its people: the social life of Tibetan books gathered in a late- colonial enterprise” Inner Asia, vol. 14.

The World of Tibetan Books

E. Gene Smith and Zenkar Rinpoche

Zenkar Rinpoche and E. Gene Smith at the Ancient India and Iran Trust, Cambridge.

Tibetan book culture has an history dating back to the 8th century. Closely linked with the spread of Buddhism in Tibet and Central Asia, it tells a tale of traveling people, ideas and technologies. An incredible number of Tibetan manuscripts and xylographs (i.e. woodblock prints) are extant. They represent a fundamental part of Tibetan cultural heritage. The study of the introduction of woodblock printing in Tibet is the focus of the Transforming Tibetan and Buddhist Book Culture project.